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Youth Development Support Services (YDSS) uses the Social Justice Youth Development (SJYD) Framework to inform the development and implementation of high quality programming for our students. This Framework provides our staff and partners with intentional guidance in the development of programs and supports that build the capacity of our participants to:


  • Analyzes power in social relationships 

  • Makes identity central

  • Promotes systematic social change

  • Encourages collective action

  • Embraces Youth Culture


Through this Framework, our programs and partner are better equipped to engage students in identifying and dealing with serious social problems that they are facing by empowering them to be active participants in bringing about positive change. The focus is on seeing youth as critical assets and agents of change that are capable of transforming their environment. The longer term outcome for this framework is to foster higher levels of civic engagement, advocacy and conscious citizenship among our youth.


high risk/ non-traditional/ underserved

Intentionally develop high quality, meaningful, and relevant opportunities that engage students, families, staff, and communities to provide information, support, and services to underserved groups. 


restorative justice/ equity vs equality

Maintain a laser-like focus on equity by providing education and awareness that promotes cultural humility and relevance in all approaches and services for youth.


plan/ implement/ monitor/ improve

Intentional focus on capturing, analyzing, and applying data to foster an evolved culture of data driven decision making that measures success, impact, and potential for growth. 


violence prevention, healing, and care

Adequately empower district staff and community partners to employ proactive measures that ensure physical, personal and emotional safety healing.

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