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Enrollment for SCUSD American Indian Education Program

New this year is our expansion of services to students that are unable to meet the 506 form requirements due to: being a member of a tribe that is not state or federally recognized, lack of documents, disenrollment, tribal termination, adoption, foster youth, etc. If any of these items pertain to you please complete this form so we can get your student set up with services.

What services are provided through this program?
1. Tutoring for grades 2nd-12th
2. College Mentorship for 9th-12th grade students
3. Cultural programs
4. Referrals and connections to local Native serving organizations
5. Advocacy and support for students in the school setting
6. Participation in Native Youth of Sacramento, a youth leadership program for 7th-12th grade students

*The ED 506 form Eligibility requires that the child, parent or grandparent is enrolled in a state or federally recognized tribe.

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