In order to ensure an equitable, fair and consistent process across all school sites, enrollment for SummerQuest programming at ALL participating sites will be determined through a lottery process. Continual support and guidance to families and sites will be provided by Youth Development Support Services.




To ensure fairness and consistency in the process, the SummerQuest lottery enrollment for each site will adhere to the following guidelines:

       ·Lottery enrollment system will provide equal opportunities for parents of incoming 1st through incoming 6th grade students to engage in the process

       ·No “grandfathering” of students previously enrolled in Expanded Learning programs will be allowed.  No students will be guaranteed a spot in the 2019 SummerQuest program prior to the lottery

       ·Lottery entries are submitted by individual application; siblings will be grouped by residential address

       ·There must be equity in the process for sharing information with parents/guardians. Outreach should be documented and will be monitored by Youth Development Support Services

Step 1: Informing families

        · SummerQuest program information will be posted in E-Connection.

        · SummerQuest lottery information will be made available on the Summer Matters website a

        ·The Summer Matters website will be advertised widely, using multiple means of advertisement (Posters, flyers, E-Connection, messenger, district website etc.)


Step 2: Collecting Lottery submissions:

        ·Lottery submissions will be accepted beginning March 25 and ending on April 26. Families may submit lottery applications at any point during this period, until 11:59 PM on Friday, April 26. Submissions received after that date will not be entered into the lottery system

        ·Lottery submissions should be collected via online application or by paper application

        ·Paper application lottery submissions will be entered online into the SummerQuest database by SCUSD Youth Development Staff.

Step 3: Lottery selections: (This portion is completed by Youth Development Support Services)

        ·Lottery entries are automatically entered into the lottery electronic system for each site, based on grade level and including information about siblings

        ·Entries are then placed into computer generated, random order. This determines the lottery selections

        ·Families who are not selected for enrollment are automatically entered into the waitlist in the order their submission was selected

        ·Any remaining spots will be filled once the program managers have contacted each enrolled student

Step 4: Informing families

        ·All families who participated in the lottery process will be informed of their enrollment status during the weeks of May 20-31st.

        ·Information will go out through calls to parents placed by SummerQuest program managers