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student advisory council

Check out the 1st Edition of the 2021-22 SAC Exclusive:

The Youth Voice priority of the YDSS department is multifaceted.  One primary program centered in cultivating youth voice is the Student Advisory Council (SAC).  The SAC is a year round program that introduces students to concepts of policy advocacy, applied social research, democratic governing, and grassroots organizing.  


Students of SAC program represent the vast diversity of SCUSD high school youth.  SAC members range from 9th to 12th grade, vary in socio-economic background, ethnicity, first language, and experience with student government.  Regardless of their differences, students are united under the common cause of advocating for student voice.


There are two levels within the SAC program, the executive body, and the delegate committee.  Students earn these designations through time commitment and level of involvement.  


The executive body is involved with weekly mentoring from district staff, constantly refining their skills in critical thinking, college level research methodologies, public speaking, and youth advocacy.  These students democratically govern the SAC program and serve as leaders to the delegate committee.  The delegate committees are comprised of nearly 40 representatives from all 13 district high schools.  Once a month, delegates meet with the executive body to partake in brainstorming sessions, initiative planning, and important decision making.  


At the end of each program year, the SAC presents its research and initiatives to the Board of Education, advocating for policy change which directly affects all SCUSD high school students.


Some past initiatives include:

  • Sexual Harassment and Dress Code

  • Technology and College Prep Opportunity Equity

  • Ethnic Studies as a Graduation Requirement


The SAC is a highly effective, youth led, vehicle for organic student advocacy.





If you are interested in becoming a future “SAC EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBER” please read, complete the application and send to  A detailed list of pre-requistes are outlined for prospective candidate. Please note that at this time we are only accepting incoming 10th to 12th grade students.


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