Youth Development Support Services does not currently have funding for new Supplemental partners, but we welcome all applicants at this time.  As our funding stream strengthens we are hoping this will change. 


If you were funded last year and would like to continue programming please complete the RFQ.  You must have submitted your 2016-17 impact report in order to be considered for future funding.   Completing the RFQ does not guarantee funding.  In order to make equitable decisions about Supplemental programming, we will consider impact reports, school site recommendations and student need.  Please do not begin providing services until you have formal approval from the Youth Development Department.


If you have outside funding, but are interested in serving students in the Expanded Learning space please also complete the RFQ.  We are able to develop a non-fiscal MOU that will allow you to provide services during before and after school.  This MOU will be required in order to work with our department.


If you have any questions or need clarification please contact