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Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Expanded Learning

What is Expanded Learning for TK students?

​Expanded Learning is before and after school extended care where your TK student will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and socialize in a non restrictive environment with their peers.  Students will also have opportunities to rest and unwind.


All Expanded Learning for TK Programs are grant funded and there is no cost to families and you will have a guaranteed slot in the program.

​In Expanded Learning your child will have access to the following activities:

​-Healthy snacks and supper

-Academic enrichment activities

-Safe structured physical play

-Story telling

-Access to academic games

-Age appropriate picture books

-Read aloud

-Sing along activities

-Opportunities to paint and draw

Youth Development Support Services will provide Expanded Learning until 6:00 p.m. at all TK sites; however students can be picked up earlier based on parent/guardian needs.

​-Student to staff ratio will be 10:1 or less​.

​-Expanded Learning for TK will start immediately once the students' regular classroom program is over.

​-Expanded Learning for TK (before and after school) will be available to your student based on the site offerings.

2023-24 TK PROGRAM


A.M. Winn Public Waldorf eK-8

3351 Explorer Dr.

Sacramento, CA 95827

Alice Birney Public Waldorf eK-8

6251 13th St.

Sacramento, CA 95831

David Lubin

3535 M St.

Sacramento, CA 95816

Earl Warren

5420 Lowell St.

Sacramento, CA 95820

Edward Kemble

7495 29th St.

Sacramento, CA 95822

Elder Creek

7934 Lemon Hill Ave.

Sacramento, CA 95824

Ethel I. Baker

5717 Laurine Wy

Sacramento, CA 95824

Ethel Phillips

2930 21st Ave.

Sacramento, CA 95820

Genevieve Didion

6490 Harmon Dr.

Sacramento, CA 95831

Golden Empire

9045 Canberra Dr.

Sacramento, CA 95826

H.W. Harkness

2147 54th Ave.

Sacramento, CA 95822

Hollywood Park

4915 Harte Way

Sacramento, CA 95822

Hubert Bancroft

2929 Belmar St.

Sacramento, CA 95826

Isador Cohen

9025 Salmon Falls Dr.

Sacramento, CA 95826

John Bidwell

1730 65th Ave.

Sacramento, CA 95822

John Cabrillo

1141 Seamas Ave.

Sacramento, CA 95822

John Sloat

7525 Candlewood Way

Sacramento, CA 95822

John Still

2200 John Still Dr.

Sacramento, CA 95832

Leataata Floyd

401 McClatchy Way

Sacramento, CA 95818

Leonardo da Vinci

4701 Joaquin Way

Sacramento, CA 95822

Mark Twain

4914 58th St.

Sacramento, CA 95820

Martin Luther King Jr.

4810 Little River Way

Sacramento, CA 95831

New Joseph Bonnheim

7300 Marin Ave

Sacramento, CA 95820

Oak Ridge

4501 Martin L. King Blvd.

Sacramento, CA 95820


6201 41st St.

Sacramento, CA 95824


4720 Forest Pkway.

Sacramento, CA 95823

Pony Express

12510 56th Ave.

Sacramento, CA 95831


3333 Rosemont Dr

Sacramento, CA 95826

Susan B. Anthony

7864 Detroit Blvd.

Sacramento, CA 95832


4967 Monterey Way

Sacramento, CA 95822


3110 60th St.

Sacramento, CA 95820

Theodore Judah

3919 McKinley Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95819


520 18th St.

Sacramento, CA 95811


2500 52nd Ave

Sacramento, CA 95822

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