SCUSD Youth Development Support Services recognizes the growing physical, intellectual, and social competence of the increasingly independent school-age child. Eager to achieve socially and academically while expanding their knowledge of the world, school-age children seek new challenges, close friendships, and increasing responsibilities.


Our programs offer engaging learning opportunities in a fun environment for maturing school-age children. This includes before-school expanded learning programs, designed specifically for elementary school age students, which provides them with age-appropriate activities in a safe and secure environment that allows children to be children. All before school programs start 1.5 hours before the regular school day begins. 


A.M. Winn Public Waldorf eK-8

3351 Explorer Dr.

Sacramento, CA 95827

Bret Harte

2751 9th Ave.

Sacramento, CA 95818


Cesar E. Chavez

7500 32nd St.

Sacramento, CA 95822


Earl Warren

5420 Lowell St.

Sacramento, CA 95820

Edward Kemble

7495 29th St.

Sacramento, CA 95822

Ethel I. Baker

5717 Laurine Wy

Sacramento, CA 95824

Isador Cohen

9025 Salmon Falls Dr.

Sacramento, CA 95826

Leataata Floyd

401 McClatchy Way

Sacramento, CA 95818

James W. Marshall

9525 Goethe Rd.

Sacramento, CA 95827

Oak Ridge

4501 Martin L. King Blvd.

Sacramento, CA 95820


6201 41st St.

Sacramento, CA 95824


4720 Forest Pkway.

Sacramento, CA 95823

Peter Burnett

6032 36th Avenue

Sacramento, CA 95824


3110 60th St.

Sacramento, CA 95820


520 18th St.

Sacramento, CA 95811

William Land

2120 12 St.

Sacramento, CA 95818


2500 52nd Ave

Sacramento, CA 95822