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The Youth Voice priority of the YDSS department is multifaceted. One primary program centered on cultivating youth voice is the Student Advisory Council (SAC). The SAC is a year-round program that provides an opportunity for incoming 10th-12th grade students to critically research and analyze the problems currently facing SCUSD youth, and organize to take action against those problems. The SAC strives to promote student voice within the district, recognizing youth as key leaders and changemakers. 


Students of the SAC program represent the vast diversity of SCUSD high school youth.

SAC members range from 10th to 12th grade, vary in socio-economic background,

ethnicity, religion, first language, immigration status, and experience with student

government. Regardless of their differences, students are united under the common cause of advocating for student voice.


There are two types of positions on the Student Advisory Council: The SAC

Representative and Student Board Member. 


SAC Representatives are public leaders of the SAC who represent each of our 14 SCUSD high schools. They are highly visible students that work to ensure youth input and participation in SCUSD decision-making processes. The Student Board member serves as the public representative of the entire SCUSD student body. The Student Board Member has the largest and highest profile set of responsibilities of all the SAC.


At the end of each program year, the SAC presents its research and initiatives to the Board of Education, advocating for policy change that directly affects all SCUSD high school students.


Past initiatives include:

  • Sexual Harassment and Dress Code

  • Technology and College Prep Opportunity Equity

  • Ethnic Studies as a Graduation Requirement


The SAC is a highly effective, youth-led, vehicle for organic student advocacy.

*SAC Membership Application* 

Applications for the 2024-2025 school year are now open! To apply, please review the following application packet above. A detailed list of the responsibilities, duties, and qualifications are outlined for prospective candidates.You can also access the Google Form application here. Please note that at this time we are only accepting incoming 10th to 12th grade students.

Below are your student representatives for the 23-24 school year:


Marianna Sosa, West Campus,

Justine Chueh-Griffith, West Campus,

Gracie Miller Segura, West Campus,

Yen Tran, West Campus,

Megdelaweet Kemper,  SES,

Shreya Singh, Kennedy,

Hailey Luistro, Kennedy,

Karen Huang, Kennedy,

Miranda Grimberg, C.K. McClatchy,  

Kimora Morley, C.K. McClatchy,

Te'Arra Robinson, Burbank,

Suni Mua, Rosemont,

Someya Islam, Rosemont,


Questions? Please contact Vanessa Reyes at


student advisory council

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